TOWIE gossip: Arg says he's in love with Gemma's curves


New TOWIE couple James Arg Argent and Gemma Collins have spoken about the first time they had sex, in rather vivid detail.

The duo star in their first interview and photoshoot together in this week's heat magazine, after hooking up in Marbella last month.

"We got to my hotel room and she made me go downstairs and get her a brandy and coke. I came upstairs and she's lying in bed in her silk and lace," Arg revealed. "And she was playing the Backstreet Boys! It was magic... It's the best sex I've ever had."

He went on: "I think she's a beautiful girl, very sexy and I love her curves.

"I think both me and her would lose ourselves if we lost weight - if she wasn't big bubbly Gemma people wouldn't relate to her as much and I love her as she is. When I lost weight I got all cocky."

Meanwhile Gemma said: "He's perfect. We've just got that chemistry. We're like magnets."

She added: "Of course I'd like a miracle pill to make me a size 14 but I'm happy as I am and know it suits me."

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