The Only Way Is Essex: Chloe Sims would allow daughter to have plastic surgery


The Only Way Is Essex star Chloe Sims has revealed she'd let her daughter get plastic surgery, but not before the age of 25.

The latest series of TOWIE, which ended on ITV2 last night, saw Chloe introduce six-year-old daughter Madison to the show.

“Madison imitates everything I do so I have to be careful," Chloe told the Daily Star this week. “I’d hope she would wait to have surgery as I don’t think anyone should have it before they are 25.

"And if it was something I didn’t feel was necessary, I’d try to talk her out of it.

“But if it was something she was being bullied about or was really upset about like bad teeth or a big nose, I’d take her to the surgeon’s myself.”

30-year-old Chloe, who has gone under the knife for procedures including a boob job and bum implants, added: “I’m quite a dramatic person and I want it to look like a perfect peach.

“A big bottom will make me sexier and more confident.”

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