TOWIE's Jessica Wright and Lauren Goodger get into Twitter spat

Jessica Wright

TOWIE babes Lauren Goodger and Jessica Wright have continued their fight over Mark Wright on Twitter.

Lauren, Mark's ex, blames Jessica, his sister, and other family for ruining their 10 year relationship. The pair split last year.

Lauren and Jessica were seen bitching about one another in the latest episode of The Only Way Is Essex, and their arguments boiled over when the pair recently found themselves in the same nightclub.

The row continued this week onto Twitter, with Lauren not-so-cryptically tweeting: "Not seen the show yet, but actually shocked when you've known someone for so long they're that sly to lie and play the victim! Life is too short. Am best off without them."

She added: "You can only try so much and be nice bigger person! Sometimes you've got take a step back and look at the bigger picture, ignore it and move on! They want drama!"

Jessica then hit back online: "Haha, still can't believe some people are that deluded to think they can twist and lie about something so much! Wow! Manipulative and weird."

Mark also briefly got involved in the spat, before quickly deleting a comment which read: "Some people wait for drama to happen in their life then jump straight on the magazines to earn money by selling their soul. Get over it. It's so boring."

The Only Way Is Essex continues tomorrow night on ITV2.

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