Amy Childs says The Only Way Is Essex has ruined her life!

Amy Childs

Amy Childs has said her appearance on The Only Way Is Essex has made her life hell over the past few years, with the show making her a target for thieves and other criminals.

Speaking to this week's OK magazine, Amy revealed: "My life has changed so much and not all of it has been good.

"We've lived in Brentwood for ten years. We never had any problems until I went into Towie, but some things have started to go wrong."

Amy, who quit the show last year after two series, explained how her car and house had been targeted by vandals, and she received abuse from members of the public whilst out shopping.

She continued: "A week later we were burgled. Our home was absolutely trashed."

"Oh my God, that made me so scared. They ransacked our home and attacked our dogs – my three pugs are literally my life.

"This has all happened since I became famous. I feel so guilty for my family."

Now the red-haired telly star is thinking about moving out of the area that made her famous, explaining: "After the attacks on Billie and Sam Faiers too, not to mention what happened with Lauren Goodger's salon being petrol-bombed last week, I'm scared.

"I don't like saying it, but I am. You become paranoid, afraid to go out."

However, just when we're starting to feel a little bit sorry for Amy, she adds: "My mum and dad have given me so much support. I understand what happened to Whitney Houston. "

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