Is Amy Childs hoping to plug her new invention 'boob holes' on Celebrity Big Brother?

Amy Childs

It turns out Amy Childs isn't just a stereotypical Essex babe at all, and wants to prove all her doubters wrong by becoming a successful inventor. The 21-year-old, who recently left The Only Way Is Essex for a stint on Celebrity Big Brother later this month, is set to plug her first creation on the Channel 5 reality series.

Going from an unknown redhead on TOWIE to a guest presenter on This Morning and now Celebrity Big Brother, the Essex beautician has always been the ambitious type, but now she wants to branch out.

"I’ve always wanted my own business," she tells buzz magazine this week. "I’m working on my first invention: Amy Childs’ boob holes."


We've not a clue what they are, but we're intrigued.

Meanwhile newly single Amy Childs admitted she still has a soft spot for her ex, “Joe is such an amazing person, I miss him so much...never say never.”

But it’s not just guys Amy has got her eye on, she told the magazine: “[My girl crush would be either] Megan Fox or that Rosie Huntington-Whiteley.”

And tabloid favourite Amy also reveals the strangest things she's read about herself in the papers, laughing: “Me and Olly Murs and trying to make a go of things.” (Bizarre because they have never actually met!)

Get more of buzz cover star Amy with tomorrow's The Sun.

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