ITV2 plan The Only Way Is Essex catch up show to stop viewers getting confused!

The Only Way Is Essex

With all the on again, off again romances of The Only Way Is Essex couples, ITV2 bosses are worried about viewers getting confused and have made plans for a special catch up show. The one-off episode, caleld I Love Essex, will air ahead of next month's third series on the digital channel.

The programme will bring fans up to date of all the goings on over the past few months, with some couples failing out completely, others making up and some still together - to the surprise of everyone!

The show will tell the story of Joey Essex and Sam Faiers' split, as well as Lydia Bright and James “Arg’’ Argent's break up and reunion last week.

The latest drama between Lauren Pope and Kirk Nocross will also be documented by the show

A source on the show told the Daily Star today: “The Only Way Is Essex is a reality show not a drama. Since the cameras weren’t around when the break-ups happened, they can’t ask the stars to ‘act’ it out.

“So they’re planning to play catch-up with a show documenting what’s happened over the summer.”

The Only Way Is Essex returns for a third series in Septemebr.

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