The Only Way Is Essex girls worrying doctors with 'competitive diets'

Lauren Goodger

The female stars of The Only Way Is Essex are said to be worrying doctors and friends with their competitive diets, as they try to shed weight and look their best for when the show returns in September. However it's been suggested that the girls' eating habits are dangerously bad for their health...

"There's a lot of rivalry between all of the girls, as they’re all aware that whoever looks the best will get the most shoots," a show insider told heat magazine this week.

The source continued: "They're obsessed with how they look and watch the show to check if they look thin. The girls all compare the bodies, and it's now a race to look the best before the new series starts filming."

According to the insider, it's TOWIE love rivals Lauren Goodger and Lucy Mecklenburgh that are the most competitive with one another, but most of the girls on the show are trying to lose more weight, with some eating less than half of their recommended daily intake of calories.

Health care professional Dr. Carrie Ruxton warned: "They'll be lacking vital nutrients like Iron and Zinc.

"At their age it's crucial to be eating sensibly to avoid poor health. So they need to stop the extreme dieting - now!"

Pay attention, girls...

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