Amy Childs doesn't want The Only Way Is Essex turned into a soap

Amy Childs

Star of The Only Way Is Essex Amy Childs has said she doesn't want to see the ITV2 reality series turned into a soap, with some reports suggesting the show could air for 48 weeks of the year. Writing in her New! column this week, Amy added fans loved the suspense between series.

A third series of the hit series starts in September, but bosses reportedly want the fourth series - airing from early 2012 - to continue for most of the year.

Amy said this week: “I read that there are talks about having ‘TOWIE’ on every week, all year round. I really don’t think this is a good idea and hope it doesn’t happen.

“The Only Way Is Essex fans love the suspense and look forward to the next series to find out how the storylines unfold.”

The 21-year-old also suggested that viewers would become bored if the series lasted for too long.

"I’m worried that if it was on all the time, people would get bored and it would lose all the drama," Amy explained.

She added: "After all, how many times can we watch Mark and Lauren break up and get back together in one week? Only joking!"

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