The Only Way Is Essex's Sam Faiers thinks guys are intimidated by her

Sam Faiers

Newly single Only Way Is Essex babe Sam Faiers has suggested that guys have become intimidated by her since she appeared on the ITV2 series. The 20-year-old also told the Daily Star however she was still hoping to get back with her ex!

Sam split from sexy Joey Essex earlier this month, but the blonde beauty confessed she still fancying the Essex hunk.

“I’m still his friend and I still fancy him – who wouldn’t? He’s so cute and he’d do anything for me," she told the newspaper this morning.

She continued: “I know Joey still cares about me. He has been the best boyfriend I could ask for. I still have feelings for him so I wouldn’t rule out us getting back together at a later date. We’ll just have to see what happens. I’m keeping busy and it’s all fine.”

And it sounds as though Sam best keep her fingers crossed about getting back with Joey, as she reveals not many other guys are interested in her! “I never get chatted up," Sam adds to the tabloid. "I think since I’ve been on TV guys are intimidated by me. And when I go out, I’m always with a big group of girls, so I think men are too shy to come and talk to me.

“Well the nice ones are, anyway. It’s only the flash ones who ever come up to me. Anyway, I’m not interested in finding someone else at the moment. I’ve got no time for that. But I will miss a man’s company, cuddling up in front of the TV or watching a film.”

The Only Way Is Essex returns for a third series later this year.

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