Lauren Pope and Kirk Norcross' joint nose jobs ruined their sex lives!

Kirk Norcross and Lauren Pope

Lauren Pope and Kirk Norcross's joint nose jobs ruined the couples sex life, Lauren has claimed. The pair ended up split just weeks after going under the knife, as she and boyfriend Kirk were banned from taking part in any bedroom activity while their cosmetic surgery healed.

Kirk dumped his fellow TOWIE star girlfriend after admitting he stopped fancying her.

Speaking to New! magazine however, Lauren claimed she was humiliated by the claims. "We joke that he's two different people. There's the side that's amazing, which I absolutely love, then the impulsive side that thinks he can get away with humiliating me," she said.

"To say publicly he stopped fancying me - I know I'm not the most attractive person in the world, but I didn't think that was what made him interested in the first place."

And now Lauren reckons their sex ban is what caused their relationship to break down.

She said: "We couldn't have sex because of the operations. They tell you not to do anything that raises your blood pressure. Then, a couple of days after the nose jobs, he ended it.

"We had a very active sex life up until the point where we had our noses done. Then I noticed his behaviour changing. I just think he's confused."

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