Lydia Bright says she wants to make it work with Arg but won't be a doormat!

Lydia Bright

The Only Way Is Essex babe Lydia Bright has said she wants to make it work with on and off boyfriend James 'Arg' Argent, but insisted she won't be used as a doormat by the Essex hunk. The couple are currently on yet another break from each other after pictures emerged of Arg kissing another girl.

Speaking to buzz magazine today, Lydia confessed she still "loved" Arg but would only reunite on her own terms.

"I'm never going to be a doormat," she told the magazine, "So I won't put up with behaviour like that [Arg snogging other girls behind her back]. But I do still love James and we are trying to make it work. The only is it has to be on my terms now.


"I'm not making it easy. He has to make changes in his life. He has to put me first before his mates like Mark [Wright], he has to stop kissing other girls."

22-year-old Lydia continued: "I know deep down he loves me and that he's really a good guy, but all the fame and everything that came with TOWIE really went to his head and I want him to be back to behaving like he did when we first got together before anyone knew who we were.

"Only then will we officially be back together."

The Only Way Is Essex returns for a third series this September, and we reckon Lydia and Arg will be back together again!

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