Sam Faiers says there is still hope for her and Joey Essex!

Joey Essex

TOWIE's Sam Faiers has revealed there is still hope for her and former boyfriend Joey Essex after splitting up last week. Speaking to Star magazine this week, Sam said despite the separation there's still the opportunity for Joey to redeem himself.

Sam told earlier this week that she ditched Joey after the pair "lost their spark" and grew too close to one another! "Since series two me and Joey have been in each other’s pockets," she said.

Sam continued: "But I reckon we could get it back.

"He needs to take me on a make-or-break holiday, so I can decide, judging by how we get on, whether it’s worth sticking around. If you can spend every day with them, drinking, eating, relaxing, and not get bored or irritated, then you’ll know they are a true partner."

The couple's surprise split comes as Sam admitted earlier this month she was already making baby plans. She said: "I want four children. We’ve already picked out our names for the girls. The first one’s going to be Maggie and the second one Heidi. I can’t wait to be a mum."

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