Lauren Goodger bans Lucy Mecklenburgh from her wedding (which still hasn't got a date!)

Lauren Goodger

The Only Way Is Essex's Lauren Goodger her said that fellow TOWIE star Lucy Mecklenburgh is banned from her wedding, following claims she snogged Lauren's fiancé Mark Wright. Despite the snub however, Lauren revealed there's still no date or plans for the ceremony!

She tells new! magazine this week: "I don't like Lucy. She's not even a character. Mark brought her on the show for drama. He was seeing her for two weeks - they've never been boyfriend and girlfriend."

Although Lauren has decided on who's not going to the wedding, it seems as though she's not decided on much else. Asked whether even a date had been set, the 24-year-old laughed: "No, we haven't a clue."

Lauren however continued: "[I want] a tradition church wedding. I don't want anything tacky. I don't want fireworks and doves flying about and stuff. I want [my dress to be] something classy and sleek. I don't want it to be massive and bouffant - I wouldn't feel comfortable."

But one thing is for sure - the wedding won't be filmed for the ITV2 reality show. "Obviously they want to film every part of our lives, but there's a line I'll have to draw to make sure it's still private and my day."

Meanwhile Lauren's sister Nicola Goodger told the magazine she didn't know whether the pair would ever actually end up tying the knot! "The thing is, if he makes her happy, then I'll have to grin and bear it. I hope for her sake that it all works out - but I can't see it myself," Nicola said.

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