Lauen Pope says Kirk Norcross has humiliated her once again!

Lauren Pope

Poor Lauren Pope has said she's been humiliated by Kirk Norcross once again, two weeks after the couple split up! The TOWIE babe tells new! magazine this week that she was gutted when reading Kirk's claims he had stopped fancying her in another mag.

Speaking to Star magazine, Kirk said that he had dumped Lauren after their sex life "fizzled out" and he stopped fancying her.

Lauren revealed: "I asked him if he'd stop fancying me and he said to me, 'I still think you're beautiful, I just don't look at you in the same way'. But it's still gutting to actually see it in print. The other day he was asking me to kiss him and stuff, so I'm good enough when he wants a kiss and cuddle but he can still humiliate me in a magazine."


Talking about her split, Lauren suggested that her and Kirk's joint nose jobs may have actually caused their breakup.

She said: "We were stuck indoors for two weeks. If you're stuck indoors with anyone you're going to argue, but he built it up in his head that we're not right.

"But if he genuinely doesn't fancy me anymore, there's nothing I can do."

And despite concerns from pals, Lauren insists she's fine - at least most of the time. "The problem is, I'll feel fine then something will make me feel s**t again, like what he said about me. Big smack in the face," she added.

However in a final twist, Lauren confessed the pair could well get back together. She admitted: "Never say never, but the way I feel now, he's not the person I love."

> Kirk Norcross dumped Lauren Pope because he "stopped fancying her"!

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