Joey Essex to launch his own clothing label called 'Reem' at Selfridges

Joey Essex

The Only Way Is Essex star Joey Essex may not be allowed to release his debut single but he's already moved onto new projects - his own clothing line! According to The Sun, Joey is set to launch his 'Reem' clothing label at Selfridges this weekend.

But instead of some trendsetting looks, Joe is instead bringing out "I Love Joey" hoodies and T-shirts with his slogan "Look Reem, Smell Reem, Be Reem... Reem" printed across them.

A source told the newspaper: "Joey can't believe his clothes are being sold at Selfridges. Everyone who goes to Sugar Hut will soon be kitted out in his gear.

"Joey's going to make a packet, he thinks it could be the start of something big."

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