Lauren Pope insists: It's over, me and Kirk will never get back together!

Lauren Pope

Dumped Lauren Pope has insisted that she and ex-boyfriend Kirk Norcross will definitely not be getting back together again aft they split up last week. The pair, who previously split in March, announced they had separated last Wednesday after their relationship" broke down".

Speaking about being dumped by Kirk, Laruen told new! magazine this week: "It's still very raw, I’m trying to deal with it. There's nothing else you can do really, is there?"

Recalling the moment that Kirk let her go, Lauren explained: "It was quite sudden. He said he didn't want to carry on with it. He did it face to face, which I'll give him credit for, but haven't spoken since. We definitely have no more to talk about.

"I don't think he'll want to get back together again. It wasn’t my idea to end but it's definitely over. I don't want to be like Lydia and Arg, on and off. People will get annoying.

And it seems as though the pair have wasted no time getting away from one another, with Lauren having already moved out. "I think I need to have my own space so I'm not relying on anyone else," she said.

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