Lauren Pope 'not able to eat' after being dumped by 'fame hungry' Kirk Norcross

Lauren Pope

Pals of dumped The Only Way Is Essex star Lauren Pope have revealed their fears that the 27-year-old is no longer eating after splitting from Kirk Norcross. The pair announced their surprise separation last week after doing under the knife to get his and her's nose jobs.

Speaking about the end of their relationship yesterday, Kirk told star magazine he dumped Lauren after he stopped fancying her and their sex lives fizzled out.

A source told new! magazine this week: "Lauren's devastated and struggling to eat. She said that her stomach's shrunk so much that she no longer feels hungry. We're worried about her as she's getting thinner and thinner."

After the pair previously split for a short time back in March, Lauren confessed she had lost nearly two stone with her 'heartbreak diet', confessing: "For two weeks, all I did was cry and not eat. I'd eat one mouthful and feel sick."


Meanwhile however TOWIE insiders have suggested that the pair were always going to separate after Kirk became obsessed with chasing fame and fortune after appearing on the ITV2 reality series.

"Despite no suggestion that Kirk had been unfaithful, Lauren was concerned she couldn't trust him," an insider blabbed.

"She's looking for a real relationship - settling down, having children - but Kirk seems more interested in raising his profile.
She told him that she didn't care about money or celebrity status and she just wanted him.

"But he said he was loving his new found fame and wasn't prepared to give that up."

The Only Way Is Essex will be back on ITV2 this September.

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