TOWIE cast warned over 'chav' behaviour and banned from mixing with rival shows!

The Only Way Is Essex

The cast of The Only Way Is Essex have been warned about their drunken antics in public, it has been reported. As well as being told to act 'less like chavs', the Essex reality stars have also been banned from mingling with the cast of rival shows Geordie Shore and Made in Chelsea.

The move comes after some members of the cast were pictured falling out of night clubs drunk and having 'wardrobe malfunctions.

"Each cast member was sent an email warning them about their behaviour, after several incidents involving booze and reality show rivals," a source said.

Speaking to Reveal, the insider continued: "Bosses are fed up with them acting like lads and ladettes and want them to behave like gents and ladies. They've been told that it's not acceptable."

TOWIE is currently on a summers break but will return in the Autumn, but some members of the cast in particular have angered telly bosses.

"They email was aimed at the likes of Maria and co as they haven't held back in making friends with their rivals," the source explained. "All they are doing is giving the other shows publicity and ITV2 are unhappy."

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