Lydia Bright wants Russell Brand and Katy Perry on The Only Way Is Essex

Lydia Bright

The Only Way Is Essex star Lydia Bright has revealed that she's keen to get comic turned movie star Russell Brand and his popstar wife Katy Perry on the ITV2 reality series. Fashion worker Lydia told BANG! showbiz she wants the Essex-born stand up on the show after hearing he was a fan.

"I think it would be quite funny if Russell Brand made a cameo appearance in the show because he’s obviously an Essex boy as well," Lydia said. “It would be a right laugh. He’ll be absolutely hilarious. You never know, he could get Katy Perry involved as well.

“She’s a really big fan of ‘The Only Way Is Essex’. When she did her tour she said on stage, ‘Does anybody watch ‘The Only Way Is Essex’? I love it’.”


Lydia also revealed how her mum "loves" taking part in the show - because of the fame it gets her!

"My mum absolutely loves being in it and it’s unbelievable for her," she revealed, “When she’s walking down the street everyone is shouting out, ‘Look it’s Lydia’s mum’. She’s definitely going to be getting involved in the third series.”

One thing we shouldn't be expecting to see in the new series however is more of Lydia together with her ex, James ‘Arg’ Argent. She said: “We’re just friends at the moment. I was going through quite a lot of hurt and upset and I just kind of thought I’d be best off by myself.

“I’ve got so many exciting things in my life and I felt the relationship with Arg was bringing me down. I just need to be by myself for a while.”

The Only Way Is Essex returns to ITV2 in September.

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