Mark Wright's mum hits out at his 'argumentative' fiancé Lauren Goodger!

Lauren Goodger

Mark Wright's mum has hit out at his fiancée Lauren Goodger, claiming that the TOWIE babe is argumentative and difficult to live with. In an interview with Star magazine, Carol Wright name also said that Lauren needed to listen to Mark's side of the story in the cheating scandals.

"Lauren's quite difficult to live with. She's argumentative and doesn't hep herself," Carol said. "I've sat down many a time to try and give her advice, but she gets on with what she wants to and doesn't listen to anyone else

"She’s just like a daughter and I can talk to her like one, but I don't like seeing Mark unhappy when they argue.


"I admire the way that when Lauren gets knocked down, she picks herself back up, through. she's a tough cookie."

Carol even suggested that the pair weren't suitable for marriage, saying: "I really don't know [if Lauren is the girl for Mark]. Lauren's obviously got something there that Mark must desire for him to still be there."

And those rumours that Mark cheated with Hollyoaks girl Jorgie Porter?

"I don't believe them and Mark's really upset, He's a lovely boy with a heart of gold and he wants that to be shown in the papers. But they tend to twist it and make him look bad. He hates that."

"I told Lauren to listen to Mark's side of the story. She has to expect all that. It's the price you pay for fame, unfortunately."

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