Kirk Norcross and Lauren Pope insist nose jobs weren't done for publicity!

Kirk Norcross

The Only Way Is Essex star Kirk Norcross has insisted that his and Lauren Pope's new noses weren't a publicity stunt. The pair went under the knife together last week in a bid to improve their faces, but sources have suggested it's just a bit to make them the new hot couple in Essex.

We reported yesterday how the pair were hoping the cosmetic surgery would get them back into the limelight after falling off the radar since TOWIE went on its summer break.

However Kirk told heat magazine about the suggestions it was just a PR gimmick: "No way. We could think of other less painful publicity stunts!"

And he admitted that friends had been joking about him going through with the operation, which was carried out in London earlier this month.

"I've had the mickey taken out of me, but all in good humour. We take the mickey out of ourselves, though. You can't help it when you're sat indoors with casts on your noses."

The pair have signed an exclusive picture deal with heat magazine to reveal their new noses in next week's issue, on sale Tuesday.

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