Mark Wright and fiancée Lauren Goodger have 'blazing row' following BAFTA win

Mark Wright

Despite recently insisting their relationship was stronger than ever after celebrating their engagement, The Only Way Is Essex couple Mark Wright and Lauren Goodger ended up in a blazing row on Sunday night. According to the Sun the argument kicked off just minutes after the show won.

The argument started after Mark revealed plans to jet off to Spain for a 'lads week' away.

"Lauren had a face like thunder and Mark was shrugging his shoulders as if he'd done nothing wrong," an insider told the tabloid.

"She'd necked a few drinks so was a bit "tired and emotional" as they say and kept telling him he had to behave. Mark kept telling her not to be so stupid and that he loved her and all the rest of it. But she's not convinced as he's got form."

The group were celebrating the ITV2 reality show scooping the YouTube audience award at Sunday's BAFTA Television awards ceremony - and it seems like the star studded audience didn't help te couple.

"Put it this way, the Bafta crowd was packed to the rafters with gorgeous women and Mark being Mark couldn't help but have a look," a source revealed.

"He was absolutely mobbed with women wanting to take his photo - and they weren't exactly beating a path to Lauren."


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