Lauren Pope is the "love of my life" says Kirk Norcross (but he also has an eye for Pixie Lott!)

The Only Way Is Essex

We've all seen that there’s been a lot of ups and downs for Kirk Norcross and Lauren Pope's relationship, however things look set to be settling down soon. Speaking to The Sun's Buzz magazine this weekend, Kirk insists that Lauren is his soul mate.

“She’s the love of my life...," Kirk tells the magazine, which is free with tomorrow's The Sun. "I can see us getting married and having kids," he continues.

But even though he seems to have committed to Lauren, that doesn’t mean his roving eye has retired as Kirk reveals pop starlet Pixie Lott tops his list of celebrity crushes - “I’ve always liked Pixie..."

"Lauren would prefer it if I had a crush on an American I’d never get the chance to meet. But I’m just keeping it real.”

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