Cast of The Only Way Is Essex are booed off stage at a PA in Cardiff!

The Only Way Is Essex

Despite the show being one of ITV2's biggest hits in years, it seems not everyone is keen on The Only Way Is Essex - as the cast found out the hard way. According to the Daily Star, Sam Faiers and Harry Derbidge booed off the stage at a recent personal appearance.

The newspaper claims the pair received the negative reaction at Oceana nightclub in Cardiff. A source told the publication: "Clubbers started shouting at them and booing them - it was chaos."

16-year-old Harry Derbidge then tweeted: "Cardiff is so rude.

"Most people were horrible but thank you to the nice ones. At least there are some out there!" However he later removed the comment from the social networking website.

There was a better experience for Joey Essex who was doing a similar gig in Liverpool A source revealed: "It was crazy how much female attention he got. Even knickers were flung at him."

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