James 'Arg' Argent on Take Me Out's Celebrity Special with his sister


James 'Arg' Argent comes face to face with his sister on Take Me Out's Celebrity special tonight.

Take Me Out will treat viewers to the second of two Celebrity Specials this evening with a host of single stars braving the legendary Love Lift.

Matchmaker Paddy McGuinness will play cupid for some familiar faces as the dating show returns tonight.

Eligible bachelors descending down the love lift tonight are TOWIE star James “Arg” Argent, presenter and radio DJ Melvin Odoom and Olympic medalist Nile Wilson.

Just as with the main show, Paddy will be waiting for each celebrity to exit the Love Lift, ready to introduce our star singletons to 30 gorgeous girls, who all return from the previous eight series of Take Me Out.

The ‘Flirty Thirty’ will be hoping to leave their lights on but ITV viewers will need to tune in to see who will impress the ladies enough to get a date or witness who might walk off to the infamous strains of ‘All By Myself.’

Arg commented: “I had a really great time and experience filming Take Me Out and meeting all the lovely ladies!”

However things got a little awkward during the show when it was revealed one of the single ladies was none other than his sister Natasha.

"Girls you look absolute stunning tonight, my name is Arg and I'm from Essex," Arg said as he introduced himself.

Sister Natasha immediately turned her light off after being shocked when Arg surprised her by exiting the love lift.

Arg remarked: "There's no way I'm going for Nandos with my sister!"

Take Me Out Celebrity special airs tonight, February 19, at 7PM on ITV.

Series 9 of Take Me Out will also return to ITV soon.

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