TOWIE's Lauren Goodger suffered tragic miscarriage while on Dancing On Ice

The Only Way Is Essex star opens up on In Therapy

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TOWIE's Lauren Goodger has revealed she suffered a tragic miscarriage while appearing on Dancing On Ice.

The reality star opens up about the devastating time in her life during the new series of In Therapy on Channel 5.

The Only Way Is Essex's Lauren reveals on the show how she lost her baby in 2013 after falling pregnant by ex-boyfriend Jake McLean.

“I was on a TV show that was quite intense when that happened,” Lauren tells In Therapy. “I had to try and perform and I was quite far gone.”

She candidly confesses: “I’m the type of person that if something happens, I deal with it and move on. That’s how I am.

"And I feel at that time, I was working – not on purpose – it was just how my life was going. It’s not something I really addressed. I just carried on.”

Speaking to new! magazine this week, Lauren admitted she never planned on opening about the loss of her first child.

Lauren said: “I’m not sure why I opened up about it. It’s not something I planned to talk about, but it just happened."

Lauren Goodger In Therapy will air tonight at 10PM on Channel 5, 18 January 2017.

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