The Only Way Is Essex's Chloe Simms isn't a playboy bunny, despite claims!

Chloe Simms

Supporting star of The Only Way Is Essex Chloe Simms has been revealed as a liar after claims she made about being a Playboy bunny on the show were refuted by the magazine! A spokesperson for Playboy told News Of The World today they had "no record" of the reality wannabe.

Chloe's claims even made it onto the official ITV TOWIE website, however asked about the 24-year-old a spokesperson for the company said: "Chloe who? She has no Playboy affiliation. We have no record of her ever posing for the magazine or website, including our international editions, or of her ever working as a Playboy Bunny."


The spokesperson added: "To be honest she isn't our usual type of girl anyway. We would be very unlikely to use someone who looked like her - she's had a lot of work done."

Meanwhile a source told News Of The World today: "Girls who are trying to promote themselves sometimes do this. Playboy don't want to be associated with her in any way and will be looking into these claims because we don't want her damaging our reputation.

"Chloe is far too plastic."

So it turns out Chloe is just a plastic wannabe from Essex, who knew?

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