The Only Way Is Essex spoilers! Tears at Christmas as the drama continues

The Only Way Is Essexmas continues tonight on ITVBe with the second half of the festive special.

And there are tears at Christmas for the TOWIE cast.

Essex will never be the same again, as Danni reaches a tough decision about her future. With the situation between Danni and Lockie still strained following the revelation that they are both in new relationships, Danni engages in heart to hearts with her mum and then Georgia and Chloe S, with leads to tears and Chloe S remarking that it is the 'end of an era.'

With Lockie and Danni coming face to face at the Christmas party, it's not long before the exchange becomes heated. Can they put their differences to one side before Danni gives their relationship the closure it needs?

Meanwhile, Chloe L is faced with an awkward dilemma when Chloe M muses over her blossoming friendship with Jon, and later confesses that Jon has also been messaging her. How will Jon react when Chloe M tells him what she knows?

Elsewhere, Dan makes a grand gesture towards Kate as the realisation dawns that he still has feelings for her. Is it too little too late or is Dan's decoration exactly what Kate wants to hear?

And as the anniversary of Nanny Pat's passing looms, Debbie gives Carol a sentimental gift that quickly has Carol in tears.

The drama concludes in The Only Way Is Essexmas on Monday 19th December at 10pm on ITVBe.

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