"Let me and Lauren be!" pleads TOWIE star Mark Wright

Lauren Goodger

The Only Way Is Essex hunk Mark Wright has pleaded with people to leave him and finance Lauren Goodger alone, hitting out at critics who have questioned their relationship. Mark proposed to Lauren on the show two weeks ago, but there has been much speculation as to the authenticity of the act.

Hitting out at people and papers who have suggested the pair's relationship is nothing more than a publicity stunt, Mark told heat magazine: "It's not fake. Everyone wants to be negative about it - I can't win. Why can't people just let me and Lauren be?


"I could have just got back with Lauren, couldn't I? Whatever the storyline, I'm the main character. Lauren's there because she's my ex, Arg is there as he's my mate. I proposed on camera because I had to. The thing is, our show's real life. Everything's on camera. That's the point. It's in the contract."

Meanwhile Lauren herself added: "It disheartens me that people don't think our engagement is real... I was filming with my sister and Mark just turned up. It was actually really romantic. When you watch it on telly it comes across differently.

"Me and Mark are together, with or without the show or magazines."

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