The Only Way Is Essex star Sam Faier doubts Mark Wright and Lauren Goodger's engagement

Sam Faiers

Essex babe Sam Faier has cast doubt over Mark Wright and Lauren Goodger's engagement, saying that 24-year-old Mark has been telling her that he loves her via text! Doubt has been cast over how genuine Lauren and Mark's apparent relationship is ever since Mark proposed in last week's show.

Club owner Sam told Star magazine: "He was texting me telling me he loved me literally a week before he got engaged.

"We clash and fight and we're very guarded. But there's this chemistry that we can't seem to shake. We used to occasionally sleep together, but we never dated. It wasn't like we were sex buddies, though - we'd sleep together when we saw each other and he wasn't with anyone else."

The beauty added: "I don't know how genuine [the engagement] is from Mark's point of view though. I think he does want to settle down in his head, but he's only 24!"