Lauren Goodger insists her engagement to Mark Wright is real!

Lauren Goodger

The Only Way Is Essex babe Lauren Goodger has used social networking website Twitter to hit out at claims suggesting her engagement to Mark Wright was fake. Viewers saw 23-year-old Mark propose on Wednesday night's show, but it seems as though some people question the authenticity of the footage.

Replying to complaints from fans claiming the engagement was no more than a publicity stunt, Goodger wrote: "Of course its not [fake] u fool [sic]"

In the garbled text, she continued: "The truth is I've been with mark 10 yrs not the others ! Clearly its real! [sic]"

The 24-year-old added to fans: "Thanku 4 tweets just wan 2confirm Im engaged 2 @MarkWright_ and its not fake we have been childhood sweethearts and were very much in love x [sic]"


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