Is The Only Way Is Essex scripted? Cast speak out and reveal the truth

Is TOWIE fake?


The Only Way Is Essex 2016 cast have spoken out over accusations the show is scripted.

Ahead of tonight's latest episode on ITVBe, the show's casts have addressed the speculation.

And they insist that the reality series is (almost) totally real.

Some TOWIE regulars admitted that the series put them "in situations you wouldn't normally be in" but denied there was any scripting going on.

Courtney Green said: "It's so real. You're not told what to say. It's all your words, it's all your feelings, it's all your actions."

Courtney did say that some scenes were set up but only for things to "make sense" for viewers.

"They bring you together to have a chat about why you've argued," she explained.

Chloe Lewis added to the Daily Star newspaper: "They put you in situations you wouldn't normally be in.

"It's sort of a good thing sometimes because it gets things resolved a lot quicker – or drags them out the other way."

And Bobby Norris told the tabloid: "I can honestly say – and I'm coming up to my fifth year on the show – I have never once gone to filming and been given a script.

"It's just not the case. It's not scripted. It's a reality show and I genuinely don't know what I'm filming."

He reiterated: "You never rock up and get a script."

So there you go.

The Only Way Is Essex is back tonight at 10PM on ITVBe.

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