The Only Way Is Essex star Amy Childs to make her boobs bigger than Jordan's!

Amy Childs

It seems that The Only Way Is Essex star Amy Childs is already planning on putting her new £50 a day wage to good use, getting her boobs enlarged again in order to become bigger than former model Jordan, real name Katie Price. The Essex babe, who has already gone from an AA to a D, hopes her bust will become as famous as Katie Price's now is!

According to The Sun, Amy now wants to increase her already enviable breasts to a whopping GG! She reportedly told a clearly not-so-good friend: "I love having big boobs but I'm ready to make them even bigger. I'm planning to become a GG cup - I want to end up being bigger than Jordan."

Amy has previously described Katie Price as her "idol", saying: "Her looks, her career, her businesses, she's fantastic." However Childs was quick to also take a dig at the ex-glamour model, saying: "She's lost it a bit. She's had too much work done. I got a boob job when I was 18 but that's it. I wanted them done since I was 12 so I just went and did it.

"Oh, and I got my lips done," Anything else to add to that, Amy?


An insider on the show revealed to The Sun: "Amy's made her mind up to have the operation after she's finished filming the end of the second series of The Only Way Is Essex, despite concerns from her family and friends.

"She loves Jordan's look and wants to take it up another notch herself."

The Only Way Is Essex continues this evening on ITV2 at 10PM!

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