'The Only Way Is Essex' star Mark Wright loving his new found fame!

The Only Way Is Essex star Mark Wright has confessed that he's loving his new found fame since the first series became a surprise hit! Speaking to Fabulous magazine in the run up to the second series of the show, Mark also claimed that people in Essex were becoming jealous of him.

"I'm very comfortable with being famous," he told the magazine. "Life has changed incredibly - I'm doing photo shoots all the time and I get recognised a lot. Most of the time it's positive, but there have been negatives.

"There's a lot of jealousy in Essex. Anywhere else in the country everyone loves me, but at home it's difficult. The other day I was in Lakeside Shopping Centre and this lowlife shouted: 'Look! It's that idiot from The Only Way Is Essex!' I yelled back: 'Yeah, and you're the idiot who sits at home watching it.'"

Meanwhile 24-year-old Mark confirmed he was in a relationship with I'm A Celebrity and Playboy star Kayla Collins - but insisted it wasn't a setup for the papers.


Asked what he felt it was about him that made women attracted, Mark told Fabulous: "Well, I know how to treat a girl and how to have fun with her. I never let a girl pay for anything. That's the way I've been brought up. I've got a heart of gold. I'm a lovely person and I'm not as bad with the ladies as it looks. I just can't tell them when it's over because I hate hurting them. So I'm actually trying to be nice, but it ends up doing the opposite."

The Only Way Is Essex returns on Sunday March 20 at 10pm on ITV2. You read Amy's full interview in today's Fabulous magazine or online at fabulousmag.co.uk

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