Just one week to go until The Only Way Is Essex bursts back onto our screens!

The Only Way Is Essex

The reality telly show that brought vajazzling to the masses, The Only Way Is Essex, is back for a second series, returning to ITV2 on Sunday 20 March at 10pm. With just a week to go we preview the new series, which sees the familiar faces go about their totally Essex lives alongside some new colourful characters.

And just like the first series which started last October, this series promises plenty of drama. Star of the programme Mark Wright said: “It’s brilliant that viewers really seemed to warm to the show. The fact that it’s been a success is amazing.”

“I am just privileged to be a part of it and very thankful to those people who watched the first series and hope they enjoy the new series.”

Since the first series ended Mark notes how his life has changed: “Since the first series we do get noticed when we’re out in public and the positives definitely outweigh any negatives. I have no regrets at all about being on the show.”

Although Mark and the gang are now experiencing some showbiz moments in their lives, Mark insists he's still keeping his feet firmly on the ground. “I definitely still have a normal life, for sure. I’m just enjoying the ride,” he says ahead of the new series.

And talking of that new series, what can we expect, Mark? “More entertainment, more fun and hopefully amazing television!” he tells us.


Meanwhile how does Amy Childs feel that viewers reacted so positively to the show? Amy says: “I am really pleased, I feel really lucky, as you never know if the viewers will like it, but we have been so lucky, and we have such great fans.”

And how has Amy been handling her new showbiz life since the first series ended? “It’s been surreal really, my life has changed and I still find it odd being recognised,” Amy says. “I’m doing things I never would have dreamed about before. I can’t believe I modelled for Caprice, someone I look up to, and giving out a Comedy Award was amazing.”

When asked if she has had a good reaction from the public since the programme went out, Amy says, “Yes, everyone is so lovely and has lovely things to say about the show.”

Does she get recognised when out and about? “When I’m out shopping with the girls or my mum people ask me for pictures, which I still cannot get used to.” Amy continues, “I love it when girls say they like me, it’s such an honour, and I feel really lucky.”


Amy adds: “When I saw myself for the first time on the television I cringed, but I’m sure most people would. Now I’m a bit more used to it, I just laugh at myself!”

Get a bit more Essex in your life… Sundays & Wednesdays, 10pm, ITV2.

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