Will The Only Way Is Essex be cancelled? Show is 'on its last legs' claims Mario Falcone

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The Only Way Is Essex is "on its last legs" according to former cast member Mario Falcone.

Mario joined the show back in 2011 before bowing out last year.

And he thinks the latest run could be the beginning of the end for the long running ITVBe reality series.

"I have mixed feelings on the last series. I heard it wasn’t as good. Judging by my Twitter, a lot of people think it’s on its last legs," he told The Sun newspaper.

Mario claimed to the tabloid: "I think they needed to hold on to the originals – that’s why people tuned in and loved the show.

"They love people like Joey Essex, Sam Faiers and Lucy Meck. You have to hold on to those people and do whatever it costs to get them to come back.

"I don’t think anyone can relate to the new cast. They’re very young and very bitchy. It’s a very different show to what I’m on."

The former TOWIE regular went to brand some of his ex co-stars "a***holes".

He said: "It shows who your real friends are when you step away from it.

"The ones who stay in contact are your friends and the ones who don’t seem to bother unless they see you at an event and they kiss your a**e, they’re not really your friends."

But despite all that complaining, Mario revealed: "I wouldn’t rule out going back.

"I am getting an influx of people on Twitter now asking me to come back which I didn’t get on other series’. It’s obviously good for me but not for Towie."

A spokesperson for TOWIE commented: "We're delighted by the viewer response to the latest series and the new additions to the cast have all proved popular."

TOWIE just finished its latest series last week on ITVBe.

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