Everyone's cracking up at this phone fail on The Only Way Is Essex

towie phone fail  - 1

It wasn't any of the cast members from last night's The Only Way Is Essex everyone is talking about this morning.

Instead, a poor extra has been the centre of piece of TV fakery that puts that whole Ant and Dec phone-in scandal to shame.

At least, some of the folks on Twitter would have us believe.

Despite only appearing on screen for a brief second, the actress was seen talking into her phone upside down, seemingly so that the writing on her case proudly declaring "I Love Essex" was the right way up.

"Awk moment when you have to pretend to speak on an upside down for a good shot #Fail," one viewer quipped.

Aside from the dodgy editing, last night's TOWIE saw Megan McKenna make another appearance as she came face to face with Kate Wright who previously branded her a "dog".

The pair had it out as Kate insisted it was just a joke to which Megan replied: "It was a s**t joke."

TOWIE continues Wednesday and Sunday nights on ITVBe.

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