TOWIE gossip: Mick Norcross quits and bans filming in the Sugar Hut


The Only Way Es Essex has been dealt a blow this week after Mick Norcross walked out of the show.

The owner of the Sugar Hut night club, Mick has claimed that the show has ruined the Essex venue.

Speaking to The Sun earlier this week, make explained that he no longer wanted ITV2 bosses filming in the club.

He said: “My club is an upmarket venue where people come to drink champagne and feel spoiled.

“All these rows they keep filming don’t show the club in a good light and I’m worried it’s putting people off coming, which is the last thing I want.

“Allowing the Sugar Hut Honeys to be called slags is the final straw. I would never allow that to happen in my venue.

“I’ve had enough. I’m out.”

Meanwhile TOWIE regulars Mario and Lucy have hit out at show producers, claiming that's the latest instalments were misleading to viewers.

Mario tweeted last week: “The producers are still lying to you all... Coronation Street is more reality than TOWIE!”

And Lucy added: “Mario’s name has been tarnished because Towie producers didn’t do their research There is no proof!”

But the comments could cost the duo their spots on the show, with bosses setting a meeting to discuss their comments.

A source said: “This show is bigger than the pair of them. The meeting will be very interesting.”

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