Rylan Clark claims TOWIE have copied his catchphrase!

Rylan Clark (Celebrity Big Brother 2013)

X Factor star Rylan Clark has claimed the stars of The Only Way Is Essex have pinched his catchphrase.

The Essex performer complained on Twitter this week about the show's cast using his 'Drop Me Out' saying.

Although we're fairly certain Rylan can't claim to be the inventor of that phrase. Indeed, it first appears in Urban Dictionary way, way back in 2005.

But still, Rylan reckons it's his.

As TOWIE burst back onto our screens on Sunday night with its eighth series on ITV2, Rylan tweeted: "Missing Towie tonight but......... #dropmeout ......... I've heard that somewhere before............"

He later added: "Love it, feel like I've passed on a baton in the Olympics or something .... #honour x"

And fans joined him in campaigning to get Rylan recognised for the saying on the show.

One Rylan fan wrote online after the show on Sunday night: “i hope @Rylan_Clark gets royalties for ‘drop me out’ #towie"

Another viewer blasted: "Can't believe the TOWIE cast have copied Rylan Clark's "drop me out" phrase and took at as their own hahaha how desperate"

TOWIE continues tonight on ITV2.

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