The Only Way Is Essex Series 8 to start on February 24

Joey Essex

The Only Way Is Essex returns to ITV2 on February 24, it's been confirmed.

The TOWIE are gang are back for their eighth outing and life in Essex is more eventful than ever before.

With the tans darker, the hair bigger, the clothes reemer and the drama more explosive, the uber glamorous Essex community is once again buzzing with conflicts, confrontations and some complicated love lives.

As always, the series will be filmed close to transmission to ensure that everything that happens to the colourful cast remains remains as dramatic and intense as the previous episode, but one thing’s guaranteed – expect the unESSEXpected.

Once again the show will air twice weekly, on Sundays as well as Wednesdays.

It's the first series since the show's hilarious attempt at a live episode since Christmas, but after this a movie could well follow.

TOWIE's Gemma Collins was quoted by The Sun as saying recently: “Yeah it’s gonna happen. If Sex And The City can do it, so can we.”

She continued to tell the newspaper: “It’ll be fab, everyone will love it, why not?

“We don’t know where it will be filmed, we don’t know when, but I mean we’re just normal people with crazy lives.

“Some people only go out on birthdays and Christmases. We’re out every night of the week.”

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