The Only Way Is Essex movie "gonna happen" says Gemma Collins

The Only Way Is Essex

Gemma Collins has claimed that a move adaption of The Only Way Is Essex is "gonna happen".

Gemma is quoted by The Sun as saying: "Yeah it's gonna happen. If Sex And The City can do it, so can we."

She continued to tell the newspaper today: "It'll be fab, everyone will love it, why not?

"We don't know where it will be filmed, we don't know when, but I mean we're just normal people with crazy lives.

"Some people only go out on birthdays and Christmases. We're out every night of the week."

And Gemma suggested that the film could see old cast members, such as Mark Wright, Laurne Goodyear and Amy Childs, make a comeback to the series.

She told the tabloid: "Hopefully, if we make a film, we'd all come back together."

Gemma will return to The Only Way Is Essex when it kicks off its latest series next month on ITV2.

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