TOWIE: Lauren Goodger blames exit on bullying over her weight

Lauren Goodger

The Only Way Is Essex star Lauren Goodger has revealed she quit the show over bullying about her weight.

The 25-year-old announced last week that she was going on a "break" from the ITV2 series and wouldn't be appearing in the new shows later this year.

Speaking to the Daily Mirror, Lauren told how she felt under "so much pressure" over her body.

“Most of the girls on TOWIE are quite skinny and could wear what the hell they wanted," she said. “We all had different body shapes, and I’m not being horrible, but I don’t like boob jobs or even want to be really thin.

"I just want to keep my curves and be a little more toned. But, next to the others, I’d be panicking over whether my arms looked fat or how big I’d look if I was sitting down."

Lauren told the newspaper how she would often cry over cruel jibes from online bullies via websites like Twitter.

She said: “They would poke fun at me about my weight because they know that’s my weak spot. They’ve called me everything from a beached whale to a fat c***.

“Deep down, I know they are just bullies but at times it has been unbearable. It doesn’t help that I feel everyone’s trying to punish me by using the most unflattering shots of me. It ­became a misery."

She added: “There have been moments when I cried. I saw horrible pictures of myself on websites and the nasty comments people posted and it got me ­terribly down. What can I say? I’m ­insecure... and I need a break.”

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