TOWIE gossip: Lauren Goodger dumps Tom Pearce!

Lauren Goodger

The latest episode of The Only Way is Essex sees Lauren Goodger dump Tom Pearce, but hoping to remain friends.

Despite describing him as "the one" recently and revealing she's finally been able to move on from ex Mark Wright, Lauren is seen ending her relationship on tomorrow night's show.

She tells Tom: "I still want to be friends and stuff but I just want you to know that at the minute I want to be by myself.”

Tom P doesn't seem too shocked or upset by the news, telling Lauren: “No troubs babe. Totally fine.”

He explains to her: “There was like loads of little things that I just thought was weird like, when we were seeing each other.

"You always used to play it down, say to people that we hadn’t slept together. I just thought ‘why’s she denying it?’ I don’t see why it would be a problem if we’re seeing each other.”

An agitated Lauren replies: “Ok. Listen. I think it’s weird that you stand there and say that to me. ”

But Tom stands his ground, repeating himself: “I think it’s weird that you keep telling people that, like...just lying about it.”

The Only Way Is Essex airs Sundays and Wednesdays on ITV2.