TOWIE: Nanny Pat thinks Arg still has feelings for Lydia!

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Nanny Pat has suggested that Arg still has feelings for his ex-girlfriend Lydia, despite dating Gemma.

Arg and Gemma's relationship has been patchy at best, with numerous rows in recent weeks.

Speaking to Star magazine, Nanny Pat branded Gemma a "lovely girl" but was unsure about Arg's real feelings for her.

"Whenever we're on set, Gemma will always say hello and give me a kiss. She's a nice girl. We have our chats," she said.

She added: "He shouldn't care what size Gemma is - she's a lovely girl. And then it came out she might be pregnant! I thought 'Oh come on, Gemma - surely not?'"

But Nanny Pat reckons that Arg still has some feelings for old flame Lydia Bright, even if she may not feel the same way.

She suggested: "I think he still has feelings for Lydia.

"I don't think she does for him, she wants to get on with her own life, but Arg won't leave it alone."

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