TOWIE gossip: Lucy Mecklenburgh blasts 'backstabber' Sam Faiers


TOWIE's Lucy Mecklenburgh has branded Sam Faiers a backstabber, reigniting the pair's feud.

It follows Sam's claims in Sunday's episode that she had proof that Lucy's fiancé Mario has cheated on her.

The pair had cleared tried to clear the air, but Lucy admits to Lydia Bright and Danni Park-Dempsey on tonight's show: “If she had proof, when I went round to her house, why didn’t she give me the proof then, rather than make up with me and carry on starting it all up again.

“Let’s be fair – its not the first time she has stabbed me in the back."

She added: "I broke up with Mark Wright and then that night she got in a cab with him and slept with him. That’s not a friend.”

Meanwhile, Charlie King finds himself arguing with Bobby Norris over ex-girlfriend Gemma Collins.

Watch all the drama when The Only Way Is Essex continues on ITV2 tonight at 10PM.

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