Sarah Harding is still suffering from her The Jump 2016 injury

Singer blames the show for her exit from a Ghost The Musical performance

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Sarah Harding has revealed that she is still suffering from her The Jump 2016 injury - blaming it for her abrupt exit from a performance of Ghost The Musical earlier this week.

Sarah took part in Channel 4's extreme winter sports contest earlier this year. However, she was one of seven celebrities that ended up withdrawing due to injury after pulling a ligament in training.

This week the Girls Aloud star made headlines after pulling out of a performance of Ghost The Musical halfway through.

Now she has explained the incident, partly blaming it on continued "physical and emotional" stress she's experiencing from The Jump.

"Since appearing in The Jump, I have been in constant pain with a knee injury, and as anyone who has experienced chronic pain will tell you, it can take a serious toll on you both physically and emotionally," Sarah said in a statement.

"At the same time, I have the pressure of performing daily, for the first time in my career, in musical theatre.

"Despite some people and even some publications seemingly having an agenda to hurt me or make me quit, I remain committed to the production, the cast, the crew, the producers and of course the amazing audiences around the UK who have been hugely supportive. Thank you all!"

Sarah isn't the only The Jump contestant who is still struggling seven months after the series ended.

Tina Hobley, who broke her arm and dislocated her elbow, was this week pictured on crutches.

The actress previously told how the incident left her unable to "drive, dress, wash my hair or have a bath".

Despite the long injuries list, Channel 4 has confirmed that The Jump will return for a fourth series next year.

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