The Jump's Davina McCall "amazed" the show will be back

The Jump Series 2 - (Davina McCall)

Even The Jump host Davina McCall is shocked that the series has been given a new series.

The Channel 4 show will air again in the New Year follow 2016's earlier run that saw numerous injuries.

Davina confessed this week: "I was amazed [it was renewed] because I didn't think we'd be able to get people back on it but apparently people still want to do the show which is great. They're amazing."

Over the past three series of The Jump many celebs have taken a tumble on the slopes but this year's run was particularly bad.

Beth Tweddle suffered the show's most serious injury to date, being airlifted to hospital after hurting her back.

Alongside Beth, others who had to quit the show included Mark-Francis Vandelli who fractured his ankle, Tina Hobley who dislocated her elbow and broke her arm, Rebecca Adlington who dislocated her shoulder and Sarah Harding who injured her knee.

Davina told The Jonathan Ross Show: "If you think of anybody going away on a ski holiday for a week your chances of getting injured on that holiday are extremely high but these guys are out there for two months, skiing all day every day and then doing crazy things like The Skeleton."

She explained: "They're really dangerous... And a jump obviously. They are trained… Accidents happen… They all have an amazing time, the camaraderie is fantastic, everybody hangs out together all the time, they are learning to do extraordinary things, and the thrill I think that they get from it... I'm not on skis, I'm not allowed. They can't have the presenter on crutches.

"It was a bit like Don't Try This at Home. I really worried about that as well... All I can say is that they're given the best care and they are taught by the best teachers and love bombed for the entire time they're there. And they're willing, they want to do it, we're not forcing them out there."

The Jonathan Ross Show airs Saturday at 10.20pm on ITV.

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