The Jump 'WILL return to Channel 4 for a new series'

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The Jump is set to return to Channel 4 for a fourth series next year.

While there's been no official confirmation yet of a brand new series, sources say it's a 'done deal' behind the scenes.

The Jump has aired for a total of three seasons so far but has earned itself a reputation for leaving its celebrity contestants in need of hospital treatment.

This year saw Beth Tweddle suffer the show's most serious injury to date, being airlifted to hospital after hurting her back.

Alongside Beth, others who had to quit the show included Mark-Francis Vandelli who fractured his ankle, Tina Hobley who dislocated her elbow and broke her arm, Rebecca Adlington who dislocated her shoulder and Sarah Harding who injured her knee.

However Olympic swimmer Rebecca and her fellow celebs defended the show.

"My injury is something that could have happened on a skiing holiday, dislocating your shoulder. And I could have done it anyway," she said recently. "Same with other people - they were just accidents."

According to The Sun newspaper, The Jump will return for a fourth series this winter on Channel 4.

“It’s the only reality show of its kind — and it gives it something else compared to other shows," a source said. “The uncertainty and the occasional injury make it all the more interesting."

They added: “An official announcement will come in due course, but from Channel 4’s point of view it’s a done deal.”

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