The Jump could be set to return for a fourth series


The Jump could be back for a fourth series on Channel 4 next year, it has been claimed.

However an official for the channel has insisted that no decision has been made just yet.

The Jump enjoyed a high rating third series earlier this year but also suffered from a number of injuries to the celebrity contestants.

It's left the future of the show up in the air but Rebecca Adlington, one of the many celebs who left after an accident on the slopes, has said it will be back.

"I know it's coming back next year, so that's a good thing," she told the Daily Express newspaper.

And the Olympic swimmer encouraged stars to take part despite her nasty outcome: "Any of the guys doing it will have the best time, but my advice to any beginners would be - because quite a few that did struggle with injuries were beginners - to get some experience, go on a skiing holiday or take some lessons.‚Äč

"There are injuries every year because it is dangerous. The team look after us as best as possible and they did everything they could to make sure that it was safe. It was just unlucky this year, unfortunately!"

Defending the show, Rebecca added: "My injury is something that could have happened on a skiing holiday, dislocating your shoulder. And I could have done it anyway.

"Same with other people - they were just accidents."

If The Jump does come back, show bosses may find it tough getting celebs to sign up.

Alan Carr admitted previously he turned down the chance to appear over fears he'd end up in hospital.

"Channel 4 wanted me to be on 'The Jump'. Seriously," Alan told the Daily Star, "They said, 'Why not?' And I said, 'Because I don't want to be in a neck brace.'"

The Jump airs on Channel 4.

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