The Jump 2016: Joe Swash may need surgery on his shoulder

joe swash

Joe Swash may require surgery as injuries from The Jump 2016 continue despite the series having finished.

Ben Cohen won this year's show earlier in the month but some of the celebs are still feeling the effects of bumps, falls and crashes.

A total of seven celebrity contestants were forced to withdraw from the show due to injury and even those that were able to continue didn't do so unharmed.

EastEnders actor turned TV presenter Joe Swash hurt his shoulder and may now need surgery to put it right.

He revealed to the Metro newspaper about the injury: "It’s alright, it’s coming on, and it’s a little bit sore.

"I’m going back to the hospital tomorrow so they can have another look and we can take it from there."

Joe added: "I haven’t had an operation at the moment but I think when we go back then they’ll have another look and they’ll be able to see the damage."

Joe isn't the only celeb still recovering from The Jump, Mark-Francis Vandelli is in need of more surgery after his crash on the show.

The Made In Chelsea star smashed his ankle in a nasty fall while competing in the snow cross last month, leaving him out of the competition and in hospital.

He's already had one round of surgery to put his bones back together but still faces a further operation.

"I've had surgery. I have eight screws in my ankle and I need another operation," he told Star magazine. "I'm in a cast for a couple of months, I can't really do anything!"

Despite the injury, Mark-Francis went on to say he still had a great time on the Channel 4 show: "It was a great experience. I loved every minute of it."

It's been reported - but not yet confirmed - that The Jump will return to Channel 4 next year.

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